Sosum PCL 5x2ml

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Sosum PCL 5 x 2ml vials. 13% PCL per vial. The magic of Polycaprolactone! Sosum PCL is used for subdermal implantation for long-lasting correction of facial wrinkles, facial age-related conditions, hair regrowth/loss prevention and for hand rejuvenation. Sosum PCL is particle free.

Sosum PCL liquid collagen biostimulator is aimed at restoring collagen synthesis in the skin’s extracellular matrix thus preventing and treating laxity. It is different from Hyaluronic acid products, like dermal fillers and skin boosters . Hyaluronic acid, once injected, attracts moisture and hydrates the skin. Sosum PCL will not attract water but will induce the body to stimulate collagen and elastin. The product completely leaves your skin within 6-8 weeks, however the result is stimulated collagen production for up to 12 months!

Sosum PCL is an excellent alternative to dermal filler and skin booster products to avoid skin puffiness, water attraction and swelling. There is little to no downtime. For best results, use a course of 3 sessions, 4 weeks apart. Once injected Sosum PCL spreads very easily to the surrounding areas. For full-face collagen stimulation, you would require only 10 injection points. It reduces side effects related to micro-particles, such as vascular compression and necrosis, granuloma formation, and skin discolouration. Sosum PCL is also very compatible with other aesthetic interventions like muscle relaxants and energy-based devices.

Sosum PCL is an excellent hair treatment. Due to the proliferation of collagen in the scalp post PCL procedure, the hair cells are stimulated for up to 12 months which promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.


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After being injected in the body, PCL is encapsuled by collagen present in the body. It then escapes from phagocytosis and induces neo-collagenesis. PCL has been shown to have neo-collagenesis ability through global clinical trials and degrades slowly following the procedure and simultaneously initiates collagenesis. PCL induces neo-collagenesis within about 12 months.

PCL collagen stimulator for facial rejuvenation. It exerts a dual effect, an immediate volumizing effect by the CMC gel and a sustained effect thanks to collagen production and unique scaffold formation with the microspheres. The long-term efficacy and duration of action as well as the safety of the PCL filler is confirmed in clinical studies and by daily clinical practice worldwide for over 10 years. Volume restoration, reshaping and rejuvenating effects provide long-lasting natural results and skin quality improvement.

PCL is not only biodegradable but it is totally bioresorbable as the final degradation process leads to the total elimination of the non-toxic degradation by-products, CO2 and H2O, from the body. This is proven through decades of extensive documented evidence from scientific literature and test results. PCL has been classified by the US FDA as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) substances and approved by the US FDA and CE as safe to use in numerous medical devices in humans.

PCL has already been used successfully world-wide since the 1950’s as a medical device in a wide variety of forms: microspheres, nanoparticles, films, fibres, micelles, scaffolds, fillers and more.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, PEG-20, Polycaprolactone, Sodium Hyaluronate

Storage: Away from direct sunlight at room temperature, do not freeze

Expiry date: 2 years from date of manufacture

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